Are You Tired Of Being Broke...Then Stop Doing This

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I am speaking more to writers and product creators...

For too long writers have been taken advantage of. Especially now that people are selling their work for $1.00 per 100 words written.

That is insane and writers only have themselves to blame because we allowed and sold ourselves for that amount.

But the truth is, we don't have to any longe.
  • We don't have to own a blog-website-
  • We don't have to write and offer ourselves on the streets
  • We don't have write for free or cheap any longer

With the way things are now,

We can make money and make a lot of money if we are willing to put in the work.

YES it takes work-speed-process to make great money from your writings.

BUT it pays off.

but I just wanted to say if you want to make money off the articles you write or products you create, you need to re-align your mind.

You have to change the way you view this business. You have to gain a clear perspective.
  • Stop writing for backlinks
  • stop writing for clicks
  • Stop writing for free

There are people and places DYING to get the products and information you write...and it pays for a very long time. It doesnt even cost anything.

How do you make money and increase your income? By staying faithful to the process.

Re-align your mind

Re-alignment One: Free marketing takes time
Like any free method of traffic building or marketing, it takes time and volume. If you pay for traffic you get it quicker, if you go the free route it takes time and energy.

Don't ever believe that free is easier. If you are not consistent and follow a plan of action, you will not make money online or get paid for the work you do.

So many people get caught in this trap that you can just put something out on the internet and people will flock to it. It just isn't the case.

Re-alignment Two: Don't write free stuff
  • Don't write so that you can give away something.
  • Don't write for backlinks.
  • Don't write for PLR
  • Don't write for free

Everything you write should be making you some sort of income. If what you are doing online is not making you money, then don't do it.

Re-alignment Three: Articles are not Articles

The biggest mind shift for me was to see each of my articles as a product. I don't write just so that I can put up a blog post, or spin it so that I can get backlinks, or to give it to an eZine and hope it produces something in return.

I write articles for the sole purpose of creating products, videos, software, membership sites, or whatever kind of vehicle you want to use to make money.

I never sit down to write a 500-1000 word article. When I sit down to write, I write 10-20-30 page products.

Everything I do points people back to my Resource Page. It is where I have all my articles. STOP giving away your stuff.

Here is a shameful plug...but I am so serious about this...I have a new course out called article marketing strategy for 2013...its not what you think and address the things I mentioned here.
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