Ebook Marketing Revealed - The Non-Salesman's Guide to Marketing Ebooks

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There is no doubt whatsoever that ebooks can help you to make a lot of money on the Internet these days but even though you have invested the time and energy into creating a masterpiece of the ebook world, let's face it - you're not a salesman. In fact you couldn't sell syrup at a pancake festival. What follows are some tips to help the non-salesman in their quest to marketing ebooks.

Step 1: Let The Ebook Sell Itself

I know you are going to think this one is a copout but it is actually pretty important. If you have written a good quality book you need to avoid high pressure sales tactics. Tell your potential customers what your ebook is about and how it is different from what others have to offer. Give them a few snippets of what they can expect and then let the ebook sell itself.

Step 2: The Unlikely Advertiser

Create a separate landing page on your website for marketing ebooks and then create a 125x125 pixel ad for the book. Make it good and if you can't do it yourself, hire it out. Then sign up for Entrecard and follow through the steps to get started there. It is dreadfully simple to use this site and the best part is that it is free. Entrecard also brings in a lot of traffic and anyone will tell you that higher numbers will eventually result in higher sales.

Marketing ebooks doesn't take a salesman, it simply takes someone who knows their product, believes in their product and can relate that to their target audience. Stop selling and start telling!

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