I Made $69 In Sales Today Let Me Show You How

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If you opened this article it tells me two things. One you are realistic about making money online, and two you are wanting to make more than you are right now.

I have spent five years perfecting my online sales funnel and method of making money online. I talk about it in my course Article Marketing Strategy 2013.

When it comes to making money and making sales every day, it requires an effort of being persistent and not spending too much time learning vs. doing.

The other thing it requires is that you have to think small to grow large. The quickest way to making $69 a day online is by starting to make $5 a day online. I did not start out making sales everyday. Matter of fact my sales were sporadic at best.

I tried all kinds of methods along the way, but it wasn't until I stopped listening to all the so called gurus did I start to make money.

For instance I was reading in the warrior forum a man wanting to know how to make money online. He then said I had the idea that I would put together a course on internet marketing?

So who is going to buy that, a course on internet marketing from someone who is not even making money?

The last thing I will mention here is that you need to put in the work. Trust me the internet is to large a place to just place something out there and hope for hordes of people to stumble across what you have to offer.
You have to know where to place your stuff online so it gets seen, and it's not social media.

If you really want to start seeing sales every day, then check out Article Marketing Strategy for 2013
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