Should You Use Forum Marketing To Do Your MLM Recruiting?

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There is a lot of talk online whether you can post in a work at home business forum, add your own MLM affiliate link, and get people recruited into your organization.

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From my own experience in the past few years, this is very possible. A few years ago I went to one of the most famous home business forums out there online. I thought that if I added my own signature link and going to my MLM opportunity that I would get people signing up.

Now before you move on with this strategy just know that your posts need to be both informative and helpful. You can't just add useless stuff like "I agree", "me too", "It's true" kind of posts. People, and those forum moderators, will sense this and will delete them and maybe even your profile.

When you give value to a forum, people will check out what ever you are promoting in your signature file. You also need to go to that forum every day and participate. You can't just post one day, come back a week or two later, and then expect to get a flock of traffic to your MLM business link. You need to be consistent and persistent.

Now, did I get any traffic or signups to my MLM program with this technique? I sure did. Some have even become leaders in my team so I know for a fact that this works. You just have to follow the guidelines that I have just given you.

If you can combine forum marketing and other paid and free traffic techniques then you will do well. Just don't forget to show your team your successful strategies too. This is a MUST.

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