Let's See How Russell Brunson Started His Online Home Business Venture

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I love to read how other very successful internet marketers in the home business niche have started. Which programs helped them take things to new heights when they got started online, what kinds of struggles they went through, how did they really earn all that income in their first few months, how do they think, how they faces the everyday challenges, etc.

There is one guy that I am now following and have some great respect for because I know that he went through a few setbacks when he got started in his online gold path to riches. His name is Russel Brunson.

Many know that he is now an internet millionaire but the biggest question that I see a lot is how this guy started in his first few weeks and months. I did a little "investigation" so to speak and came to the conclusion that he began with a program that I am in right now and doing well with.

That program is called the Plug In Profit Site (PIPS) by Stone Evans which you can view here.

What I really like about Russell is that he took a concept and took action with it. He never let major setbacks and frustrations in his financial life to hold him back from doing really well and never quitting.

Too many people get involved in such high caliber opportunities on the internet like network marketing and then quit just because they let the small and large everyday stuff hold them back from total financial and personal prosperity.

Since joining the PIPS program a few years ago, he has done really well for himself. He has become one of those guys who are totally are making a killing online with affiliate programs and his own products too. Good for him. I admire that a lot.

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