Social Marketing Tips - How Does Your Social Marketing Strategy Stack Up?

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In today's high speed, high technology society it's not enough to have a web site with a good product or service to offer. It may not even be enough anymore to spend big money on banner advertisements and other expensive marketing tactics. Chances are quite good that your audience is spending their time on one of a handful of a new breed of web sites that are grouped under the heading 'Social Networking'. These web sites (such as Facebook and YouTube) have quickly become the fastest growing and most sought out sites on the net and if your social marketing strategy isn't equipped to keep up, it may be time for an overhaul.

The thing to remember is that social marketing is less about selling and more about interacting with your potential customers. It is the art of selling yourself and letting your products or services do the same. Gone are the days of the hard sell; today's marketing professionals employ a well considered social marketing strategy as a low-cost, high return alternative to more expensive advertising options.

Creating a series of entertaining or informative videos and posting them on web sites like YouTube may result in a phenomenon known as viral video, with users and viewers around the world watching and sharing your video on web sites and blogs as well as on their own social media profiles. Some of the most unlikely video makers in the world have become overnight celebrities because of one or two videos.

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