Social Marketing Uncovered - How to Tap Into the New Wave of Social Marketing!

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The concept of social marketing is not new but the Internet has definitely given it a fresh face in recent years. Companies from Coca-Cola to McDonald's and even major television stations are using a social marketing plan in completely new ways and not only on sites like FaceBook. A new generation of social networking websites has emerged and have proven to be just as important as their predecessors.

Twitter is a social networking websites that is based entirely on one question: What Are You Doing?. Every day hundreds of thousands of people including individuals and businesses both small and large answer that question as one extremely popular way of staying in touch with their network of friends and acquaintances. Social book marking websites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Yahoo Buzz have also earned quite a loyal and large following by simply allowing people to share websites they like with others who share their interests.

Any of the websites mentioned in the last two paragraphs can be effective additions any outdated social marketing plan and in this day and age the old adage of less is more no longer seems to apply. Because involvement on any of these social networking websites is free of charge there is no excuse for any small business to not be involved in more than one. If you're still on the fence as to whether or not you should use social networking sites as part of your social marketing plan, a cursory web search will most likely reveal that your competition already has.

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