Review Of Paul Myers And His Partner With Paul Money Making Program

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The big question everywhere online is whether the partner with Paul work at home opportunity is legitimate or not. I think it is and here is a review or overview of what is all about.

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The first answer I want to get out there to everyone who is thinking about joining the Partner With Paul opportunity but are not sure if it is legit or not. The simple answer I have today is:

Yes, it is very legitimate.

Who is Paul Myers?

Paul is another guy out there online who has been making lots of money over the past few years. He also has a video on his website where he shows you real income proof of his earnings so you know that he is for real.

He shows you how to get started with his work at home kit which only costs about $9.95 and it consists of A 12 page booklet with one CD and one DVD in the inner folds.

The shipping and handling fees for the package is free and will be paid by Paul and his team.

The CD is an audio collection of success statements of those who got involved with OBS online business systems - but it is really all about a company called HERBALIFE. Herbalife is a very legitimate company in the network marketing industry and has been around for a long long time.

The best thing about Paul Myers and his Partner With Paul offer is that it really does show average people how to make real money online and offline. I really do recommend it myself.

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