Empower Network Atlanta, Ga: If You're Near Atlanta, Let Me Know!

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If you are looking for a legitimate work from home business opportunity, then Empower Network may just be exactly what you have been searching for. I live near Atlanta, Ga., and if you are in the area and are interested in network marketing, then let's get in touch!

Here are a few of the reasons I am promoting Empower Network, and feel confident in this business:

1. 100% commissions

Most affiliate programs pay less than 50% commissions, and certainly do not pay several levels deep. Empower Network has the benefit of 100% commissions, and you get paid those commissions several levels deep.

2. Authority blogging platform

The Empower Network domain name has SEO value, because it is an authority domain. This means that when you join, you will get the benefit of your own Empower Network blog, as opposed to having to start a blog from scratch, and wait months, or even years before your blog posts start ranking well in the search engines.

3. High ticket products

Depending on the amount of money you invest in your education with Empower Network, you can promote products that range from $25/month, all the way up to $1,000 (one time) payments. So, you will find "the math" works much more in your favor selling residual income & high ticket products as opposed to settling for $10 commissions.

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