eBook Case Study: Watch Me Create An eBook

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If you want to follow the entire case study you can find...

Day One: Research For A Ebook
Day Two: Write Your Ebook
Day Three: Formatting Your Ebook
Day Four:Formatting Your Ebook

Over the last couple of years I have been working on one thing.
  1. Writing articles
  2. turning those articles into ebooks
  3. turning those ebooks into products
  4. then turning those products into membership sites

So what I wanted to do was highlight two of the four steps right here on the warrior forum.

So let's get started.

I use a three step process...
  1. Research
  2. Write
  3. Market

The magic formula above works when we rinse and repeat.

Today I will talk about research...

I have a lot of methods of researching and writing an ebook. One method I use a lot is called the piggyback method. I already wrote a lot about that method, so I will describe another method.

One method of research is what I call...give them what they want. Basically what you do is find out what people want. You find out what questions people are asking, then you create ebooks answering those questions.

On my membership site, I give people over 6000 different ebook ideas off this one idea alone. So it is extremely effective. It is so effective that I have written over 1480 articles answering these types of questions in 70 different niches...

This will be the method I use for this case study...

But I did want to give you a couple of other research ideas.

Finding Hot Topics

Here are a few resources you may or may not know about.

Jungle Search is a search engine that really lets you dig deep into Amazon's marketplace. You can sort your results by "bestselling" in order to see what books sell well on Amazon in a particular niche. I love the idea that you can search by keywords...

For this ebook we will be writing about acne...so I'll plug that in to the above research...

This is the results i got... Amazon.com: acne: Books

Now what I will do with this page is a couple of things. I am looking at reviews, I'm looking at titles, and I am looking at ecover designs.

Then I swing over to E Reader IQ and see what Kindle ebooks are published in that niche. If there aren't many, I know it's a niche I need to get into.

Sometimes I strictly use E Reader IQ just so I can get a look at what's going on with Kindle ebooks. I love E Reader IQ because it lets me sort by price, keyword, and publication date.

Now acne is by no means a niche that is void of books, but I'm still going at it for this case study.

Tomorrow I will talk about writing,,,and then the next day marketing
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