Why Lazy Gurus Succeed Starting an Internet Business and Nice Guys Fail?

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What if you discovered why lazy people succeed online and nice guys and girls like you fail to make even a single dime?

I was one among these nice guys who never made any money online for the first 5 years.

I realized something. Hard work is not the answer. I worked hard building my first website. Created 50 page content website, did all the keyword optimization work that gurus told me, tried selling affiliate products but that site never made me money.

I was depressed. I realized that hard work is not the answer. Hard work in the right direction will give you results and success.

I created my second website and worked upon few mistakes I made. I got my first check of $24.97. I was literally in tears to see my first income in dollars and excited at the same time.

I launched my third website which ended up making me $25k. Here are few things I suggest you to do if your website is not making you money right now.

I applied these systems on my website and my third website made me $25k. Here are few things I suggest...

1. Make your website look extremely professional. Create quality, professional and eye catching graphics for your website.

2. Start creating unique content for your website on constant basis.

3. Start building your list and if you have traffic drive all your traffic to your squeeze page.

4. Follow up with your list and then sell your products in your emails.

5. Know what niche you are working in. Select a sub niche that has demand and then write unique content in your blog that gives valuable content to your readers. If they will get value from your free content they will think of purchasing your paid and recommended products.

6. Build relationship with your list. Ask them their problems and give them valuable answers, then promote your products.

7. Drive targeted traffic to your website and use content as the foundation to drive all the traffic to your website. If you do this you will get buyers to your site that will sign up to your list and purchase your products.

8. Create products based on the needs of your subscribers, not what you feel that will sell. Ask your subscribers their problems and then create products that will solve problems of your subscribers.

9. Focus in setting up a sales funnel and drive all your traffic within your funnel, this will make you autopilot profits for long time to come...

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