Case Study: Make $150 A Day In Affiliate Marketing

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This is a series and you can find the entire series by clicking on the links below. It is best if you start on day one and work your way through the entire thing...It doesn't work unless you follow the process.

Day One: The Basics
Day Two:
Day Three

I am starting a case study on what you need to do in order to make $150 a day.

I am going to use all free resources that I have, and I will turn you onto some products I own and use.

For day one I am going to just give the nitty gritty on the whole process. I'm going to talk about what needs to happen and how you are going to do this.

The first thing, is that I want to be clear. I love to help people, but I am here to make money. I dont want to make enough money to pay a bill or make a car payment. I want to make enough money to send my kids to college and build a retirement for my great great grandkids.

I do not spend countless hours marketing and building my brand so that I can make $10-$20-$30 dollars a day...

I dont have over 600 affiliates because I sit around waiting for people to find the products I have created.

We are in this to make money...and so lets enter into this with that mindset.

BUT I am not in this to make money that is unethical or by creating or selling shabby products. I am not going to lie or fabricate stories so that I can make a buck off someone.

I can't and don't want to be your moral compass, but you wont be around for very long if you lie cheat and steal your way to the top. Just doesnt happen in this business.

The second thing I want to do is make sure I show you $150 a day in affiliate Marketing by using free resources. It will take longer and more work to go the free route. This stuff doesnt happen over time.

The third thing is this takes speed. You dont have to be perfect and you dont have to get everything right. But you do have to be speedy. You have to produce content, and produce a lot of content.

For this case study we will use article marketing. It is free, it is fast, and it gives you long lasting results when done right.

The person who wins in FREE the person with the most content out on the web...

I am a baby in the market, I only have around 70 products that I created, but I am growing that list everyday.

In free and affiliate marketing, speed and volume is the name of the game.

One of the greatest online marketers of our time wrote this the other day. You dont get paid until you take it to the press. Know what that means in our world. You dont get paid as an affiliate marketer until you produce some sort of content that leads someone to a buy button.

I think of my articles as sales people. Each time I hit submit, that is sending out another sales agent...someone promoting and telling others about what I am selling. The more sales people you have working for you, the more sales you are going to make.

So lets recap day one...

1. You need speed
2. You Need Volume
3. You need a free process

The last thing you a good product. Someone who knows what they are doing and who can deliver on what they sell.

Now I would be a fool to promote anyone besides myself ... srry ...

But I do all my business through jvzoo, you get lifetime cookies on every product I approve you for. Meaning that when you send someone to my site, they are your customer for no matter when and what they buy from me, you get the sale.

Almost all my products have up sells. I have a high conversion rate. I have low refund rate. In other words, people are making money off the products I create and sell.

But of course you don't have to be one of my affiliates to make this work...but if you are interested then you can sign up below.

So that is day one...get your mind right...and tomorrow I will start sharing how you make all this work...

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