The Metrics of Making $100,000 a Year as an Affiliate Marketer

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I'm about to break it down...

Provided you are promoting residual income affiliate programs with a high ticket back-end product, I'm about to show you "the math" that will allow you to earn six figures per year as an affiliate.

I'm going to use my affiliate product funnel as an example (note: I'm involved with an affiliate program that pays 100% commissions, which is a HUGE advantage):

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I sell a $25/month product on the front-end with recurring commissions.

The next product in my funnel is $100/month with recurring commissions.

Next is a $500 product that is a one time sale.

After that is a $1,000 product that is a one time sale.

So, if someone goes all the way through my product funnel, I'll make $1,625 right out of the gate, and then each customer will earn me $125/month residual income for as long as they remain a customer.

So, if I make $1,625 out of the gate, and the average customer stays with me for a 12 months (meaning I make an additional $1,500 over the course of a year from recurring commissions), then a customer who buys all of the products I sell is worth $3,125 to me.

I only need 32 customers to go through my product funnel in order to make $100,000/year.

If you're selling eBooks that pay you a $20 commission per sale, you would need 5,000 customers a year to make the same money you could be making with just 32 customers promoting a combination of high-ticket & residual income affiliate programs.

Do you see the power of this? Promoting these type of affiliate programs will make it so much easier to reach your income goals, and I want to show you how you can get started today.

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