CASE STUDY: Make $150 A Day In Affiliate Marketing (DayTwo)

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This is a series and you can find the entire series by clicking on the links below. It is best if you start on day one and work your way through the entire thing...It doesn't work unless you follow the process.

Day One: The Basics
Day Two:
Day Three

I covered a lot in the first post, if you don't follow what we covered so far, you probably wont make it.

Today lets break down the process.

In the series I did here on warrior forum titled, Ebook Case Study: Write and publish an ebook in 4 days. You learn real quick that I am big into developing processes.

The same is true in affiliate marketing, you need to have a process. What I'm going to show you is one process you can use.

Once you have your product...(if you are looking for high converting salespage that pay 70% for life on all products, you can join my affiliate program. ) Make sure it is lifetime buttons on everything they sell and pay out a good commission.

Now I have a product that converts really well. It is my own coaching program for turning articles into products and membership sites.

So for this case study, we will use that as an example.

It contains 29 teaching videos, several PDF's and a live 30 day email coaching session with me. I work with you until you get your first product. At the moment it is a one time fee of $27...for about every 30-40 people who visit the site, sign a fairly good conversion. Those would be warm leads...someone who read an article, or sent by one of my affiliates.

Now for this product I'm calling it the article marketing strategy for 2013. Not a lot of people are talking and teaching what I am at the moment.

So the keyword for us will be Article Marketing Strategy.

Once you know the product, you need to get the keywords for that product.

Now for this case study I went ahead and made a little swipe file with the keywords relating to Article Marketing Strategy. Get It Here

You really dont care about volume of searches, because your goal is to write 20 articles pointing back to this one product. So you just want to see what words people are using to search for these types of products.

The other thing to keep in mind is that you could do keyword research on article marketing, writing articles, product creation, membership sites, create membership sites...etc...

Now that you have some keywords you start writing using those keywords in titles and body of the article.

A couple things about writing articles...
  • Write good articles
  • You want about a 1-4% saturation of keywords
  • You want to link back to the product about every 120 words.
  • It's ok to source other great articles, in other words take a concept or paragraph...and write something at the begining of that paragraph and something after that paragraph and give credit to the person or site you took the paragraph from. It's called content is a quick way to write a ton of articles
  • Tell stories
  • lead people somewhere, to click on your link...
  • include a resource box at the end of your article pointing back to the product

Ok so now your assignment is to find a product and begin writing articles, your goal is to write 20 of them. Tomorrow we will talk about what you do with those articles...

If you are looking for a great company to partner with, check out the 70+ products we offer...

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