CASE STUDY: Make $150 A Day In Affiliate Marketing (DayThree)

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This is a series and you can find the entire series by clicking on the links below. It is best if you start on day one and work your way through the entire thing...It doesn't work unless you follow the process.

Day One: The Basics
Day Two:

Ok now we are into day three.

Hopefully by now you have written 20 articles. You can get this done in about four hours time.

Now here is the kicker, you need a way to distribute these articles.

I am going to show you the free way, then I am going to show you what I do…

I use paid tools to help me. This is not spinning articles…

I have a product we created called how to make money without spending money. It has 30 videos teaching you step by step how to make money without money. In a couple of the videos it teaches you how to set up a free website using free website design places. Even though the info page is not done, you can check it out here The Affiliate Training | Extensive Affiliate Training…it truly is solid info. It shows you how to find niches, set up sites, get crazy traffic to your sites, and make money without ever spending a dime.

The reason I share that with you, is because in this case study I cant show you how to set all these things up…but there is more than enough training in the videos if you need it...

If you are thinking of going this route, let me share something with you that could very well change your wealth...

If you are going to make a living with affiliate marketing, you truly need some sort of link cloaking program.

When I started I knew I needed one, but I was not sure how much it would change my marketing.

For you wordpress users, I have a pluggin that I use that allows me to not only cloak my URL’s, but it allows me to redirect my link locations.

So for instance, say that you wanted to become an affiliate for the product I talked about above, Make Money Without Money. I could give you the link

But with the plugin you could create

Both lead to the same place...but the URL's are totally differnt.

And as you know, affiliate links are long, ugly, and contain your affiliate number...but it could look like the url above, masked, containg your domain name, and anything at the end.

The above link has my webpage and the word money after the backward slash. I could change the word money to makemoney…or whatever I wanted it too say.

And here is the beauty of the entire thing.

If I want to change the location where that link sends someone, like to another product which may be converting better or if the product I was promoting gets pulled from the market, I just change the link location in the plugin…which changes it in everyplace I placed that link...

Why is this important for affiliate marketers?

Because if you write 20 articles, and you want to change products, you cant…you have to write 20 more articles…with this plugin, you just change the link location, and then no matter where you placed that link, it will take people to wherever you want them to go.

I don’t usually give out this script, but anyone who wants it can pick it up here

Ok…so the first thing you want to do is set up a webpage or blog. Again there are ways to do this…if you want to set up a site just selling that one product, they are called mini-sites. They work very well with 20 articles on them. And there are ways to set these up.

You can also set up a macro site. I have two of these. One highlighting my amazon books and the other highlighting my online coaching site

Either way is fine…

Now post your articles to the blog…

One thing I do with my articles before I post them is send it through SCRIBE> this is a paid product, but I use it every single day. I use it all the time. It is the only SEO I do with any article I write.

One other tool I use and pay the $10 a month for, is onlywire. I have 30 social accounts set up on onlywire, so I get instant backlinks and coverage with every article I write.

Once your article gets indexed with google, you can then begin the process of sending it to other locations.

Let me set one myth straight, you don’t have to spin your articles. And do not spin your articles.

The other thing is that duplicate content is ok.

One of the best way to write a bunch of articles quickly is through curation. Taking something that someone else wrote, and adding paragraphs before and after the portion you quoted. You dont take the entire article, you just take a sentence or paragraph and expand upon it...make sure you link back to the place you took the quote from.

The other myth is that ezine articles don't accept duplicate content. They do. As long as you are the author of the article. I can take every article I have ever written, and I have over 2000 of them, and submit them all to ezine articles.

Make sure your resource box points back to the web page you made for the product.

Some other places you can send your articles.

Calaméo Word and Open Office Documents
Docstoc Touchy about links in documents.
Edocr | edocr
Welcome! - eSnips
Scribd Be aware that Scribd is quick to ban, so follow their rules carefully.
Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents Power Point, PDF, Word Documents
PowerPoint Presentations Online - Upload and Share on authorSTREAM Power Point only

Most of these sites frequently reject PLR content, so don't use it.

Tomorrow I am going to show you how to make money off the 20 articles you wrote. So that you are not only getting paid for the affiliate links you planted in them, but that you get paid for writing those articles.

If you are looking for a great company to partner with, check out the 70+ products we offer...

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