Article Marketing Strategy: Leveraging Your Content

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I wanted to talk to you about leveraging your products.

This could truly change the way you make money online. If you want to make a part time income from selling content online, then create stand alone products that sell for $27.

If you want to create a business where you can make a full time income, you need to leverage your products.

Article marketing strategy is all about tuning your articles into eBook, products, and membership sites. The concept is to take a single article that you may write, and turn it into a product that makes you money over and over again.

Not just a little bit of money, but a full time income. I'm talking about creating a profitable and ethical business from the content you create.

How do you do this?

By leveraging your products. When I talk about leveraging your products, I am talking about creating content that can be used in many different ways.

What do you do with the content you create?

Think about this for a moment. What do you think I am going to do with some of these articles that I write and post here on this blog. Everything I am sharing with you right now is what I do everyday to make more money online. So think about this, why am I sitting up at 11:00 at night writing this right now. For my health, because I like writing at 11:00 at night, because I dont have anything better to do?

No...I'm going to leverage this content into something larger.

Lets expand this thought.

What might you do with the content you produce? You might turn it into a membership site, a DVD-of-the-month club or sell it as a box set. What's more likely? Why not do all three. You might sell it as a box set initially, then you might sell it as a DVD -of-the-month club where you get one DVD each month and then you might use it as a bonus when somebody buys some really high-end package you might be promoting.

Would your business be better if you could get multiple uses of content? Absolutely. From here on out, do not do anything unless you get multiples benefits from the content your produce.

I'm going to be really blunt.

I love teaching and writing, that's why I'm doing it today. It's also because of the content and the authority and the testimonials I might get from the material I create.

I wouldn't do this as much if I couldn't reuse this content over and over again. I wouldn't be motivated in the same way. Like I said in article marketing strategy for 2013...I'm done with writing for free. It takes time, effort, and energy. We do this because of the content we can create. Think I'm lying, look at my PLR site.

I really want you to understand that if you're going to create content in your business, if you can get multiple benefits from it, your business is going to be stronger as a result. So what are we going to be doing...leveraging our content.

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