Shocking $500 Per Month Plan - How To Start An Internet Business?

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You cannot rely on Google to give you top rankings and there is no assurance that if you get top ranking once your ranking will stay there forever.

The traffic from Google and top ranking is great, don't get me wrong. But the fact is that if you cannot control your traffic you will not be able to feed your family.

So the focus to get top ranking should be your second step, you will be doing this later but not right now, this is something you should focus on later.

Right now you should focus on getting your system up and ready and focus in driving instant traffic to your system. Test what is happening and then scale things up. You will learn about this in detail in the free audios I will give you later.

Let us take a realistic plan that you want to earn $500 your first month.

Here's what you should be doing. Again the product prices and everything are examples; you can tweak them the way you wish to set up your plan.

Let us assume that you have a $97 product and therefore to make $500 in your first month you will have to sell on an average 5 products.

You will have to tune the conversion of this product to 1%. That means if 100 visitors get to your sales page at least one person purchases this product.

You will need 500 visitors to your sales letter to sell 5 products.

I will strongly advise you to divert all your traffic to build a list. Your website home page should be strictly a squeeze page with no external links.

To get 500 leads you will need 1500 visitors to your squeeze page assuming your squeeze page gets you 33% conversion rate. My above squeeze page gets me over 42% conversion rate so take ideas as to what I have done.

Now you should be focusing in getting 1500 visitors to your site. I mean don't rely on Google or anyone else to give you this traffic, you cannot control Google so you should not rely on Google to feed your family, am I right?

Here's the plan to get 1500 visitors...

1. Write 10 articles every day.

2. Submit them to

3. Submit your articles to mass distribution service that will submit your articles to hundreds of directories. You can use any system, I am currently testing

If you submit 300 articles per month, that is 10 per day, you should get 1500 visitors approximately, which will get you 500 leads, which will make you approx. 5 sales and make you your first $500.

I hope this sounds practical. You can control your traffic and income.

Here's the excellent part. These 500 leads will make you a lot more than 500 bucks. All you need to do is add more products in your funnel and build solid relationship with your list.

Now make sure to track your numbers and also keep your sales funnel in place. Now you can use your articles and start blogging, seo, link building, etc to get them to the top. But don't focus this to earn your bread and butter, top ranking and seo should be considered as a side bonus for the above efforts.

Use my above plan; you will get you started instantly with online profits.

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I want to start my own internet business. Use this bullet proof conversion tactics today.
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