The Good, Better, & Best Ways to Make $10,000/Month+ Online as an Affiliate

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Today, I'm going to share three scenarios that will show you how you can make $10,000/month online via affiliate marketing. Making $10,000 per month online is never "bad", but I'm going to show you the good, better, & BEST way to accomplish this goal.

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The "Good" Way

This is the way most affiliates approach affiliate marketing, and it involves selling lots of copies of $20-$50 ebooks, videos, or other digital products in order to make $15-$30 per sale (on average).

The problem with this method is the amount of new customers that you must get on a daily basis...if you're making $20 per sale, then you need almost 20 new customers daily to make $10,000/month. Is it possible? Sure. However, it is not the smartest or fastest method, and you are going to need some deep pockets to spend some serious money on marketing to make this happen.

The "Better" Way

Most affiliate don't do this, but the "better' way to make $10,000/month online via affiliate marketing is to sell residual income affiliate programs. Typically, this will involve selling monthly memberships to individuals interested in internet marketing, making money online, fitness, personal development, etc.

Think of it like this: Would you rather make a sale once & only get paid one time, or would you rather make a one-time sale of a monthly product/service & get paid monthly for the lifetime of the membership? Making $10,000 per month online becomes much easier if you are selling residual income affiliate programs.

Now, the "Best" Way to Make $10,000 per Month Online as an Affiliate Marketer

You've seen the good way & the better way, and now I want to show you the best way.

The best way to make $10,000 a month in affiliate marketing is to promote residual income affiliate programs as your front-end product, and then once people buy you up-sell them a higher ticket product in the $500-$1,000 dollar range.

Let's say this is your product funnel (I'm going to show you how to get this exact product funnel in place today, and get started marketing today...Click Here).

First product: $25/month affiliate program that pays you 100% commissions.

Second product: $100/month affiliate program that pays you 100% commissions.

Third product: $500 product (one time purchase) that pays you 100% commissions.

Fourth & final product: $1,000 product (one time purchase) that pays you 100% commissions).

Now, keep in mind that you would have to sell 20 ebooks/daily to make $10,000/month using the "good" method...that means you would need over 7,000 customers a year (Yikes!).

However, this is how the numbers could potentially break down using the "best" model:

$25 memberships: You have 100 people/month paying you. Sure, some will drop out, but you will be making 10-12 new sales/month to replace those that drop their memberships.

$100 memberships: You have 20 people/month paying you.

$500 product: You have 5 people/month buying this product

$1,000 product: 3 people/month buy this product.

Once you get up & running and get your first 100 customers (and continue to get only 10-12 per month) you could have an affiliate marketing income of $10,000 per month using the figures above.

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