How I Turned $197 Into $25,000 Pure Profits? - How To Start An Internet Business?

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What if you discovered the exact process I used on my second website that generated my first sale and earned me my first $24.97?

Do you know my first website failed miserably because of the wrong strategy I had implemented on my website?

What if you discovered the right strategy that you should be using as you are a newbie and how you can get started super fast with this strategy and set up a highly profitable internet business?

Here's the model I used in my second website...

I realized that the content website I had created failed miserably because there was no way I could predict my traffic. I was completely depending on Google to give me all the traffic. The fact is that you cannot rely on Google to give you traffic if you want to feed your family and internet is your bread and butter.

I decided to change my model. I created a squeeze page to build a list of subscribers. I created 10 follow up emails to build relationship with my list.

I purchased a quality resell rights package for $197 that contained over 50 hours of videos. I was lucky to get this deal from the product owner.

I systematically combined the video packages and created a master video training centre on my website with over 50 hours of videos.

I purchased a sales letter creator software and I created my sales letter. It was pretty easy for me to create the sales letter using this software and I stuffed my website with powerful benefits of the videos.

I then finally promoted this package to my subscribers. I made my first sales of $24.97. I was stunned and over-excited.

I made my first sale after 3 years of struggle on the internet. This gave me a superb model.

I then focused on creating a membership website using the same videos where I decided to create such type of websites for new comers. It was a superb idea and people paid me around $29.97 per month for my services.

I sold 100 membership packages using this model. I was really excited because a simple investment of $197 for getting rights to the videos made me thousands of dollars.

This gave me a perfect plan to follow. I started following this model and generated over 6000 leads and over $25k profits from my third website. This is how I got started online and how you can do it too.

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What is the best internet business to start? Step by step formula to setup a coaching business.
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