How I Attracted 6000 Leads Into My Profit Machine? Guaranteed Plan To Start An Internet Business

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Do you know what it takes to build a solid online business that makes you money on autopilot all day long?

What if you discovered the power of an automated sales machine where you just pour in leads and your website churns out cash from the other end?

The purpose of this article is to show you a simple system that attracted 6000 leads into my system and made me thousands of dollars in the long run.

When you discover this system I advise you to quit everything you are doing right now and focus in applying this plan into your website. This will be the ultimate profit engine that will make you all the profits beyond your wildest dreams.

Here's what I did. I used the massive power of article marketing to build my system.

First thing I did is I decided to write 5 articles every single day.

I submitted these articles to top article directories online.

I then converted these articles into solid follow up emails and then I that I send out these emails to my subscribers on regular basis.

I created 7 products in my niche and I also purchased rights to some high quality resell right products.

I stuffed recommendation of these products in my follow up emails.

I loaded these emails in my auto responder campaign.

I created a simple squeeze page where I listed the benefits of the content I was providing to my list.

Finally I promoted my squeeze page using these articles.

I also focused in creating a simple content site with unique articles and directed all my traffic to my squeeze page.

The only focus of my website was to build a list of subscribers and then my emails did all the relationship building and selling stuff.

I used some marketing strategies to sell my products like discount offers, one time offers, upsells, backend marketing, etc but the basic foundation of my system was to build a list and sell products to my subscribers using a relationship building content emails.

Have you heard about this system previously? I bet you have. Have you applied this system to your website? If you applied this system you know the power of this system.

You have to install this system and start using it to see results. You really should have faith to set up this system. It is very easy to generate sales if you do what I have said in this article.

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