Forget About Large Publishers! Publish Your Own eBook and Rake in All the Profits

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You have finally done what you have wanted to do for years and wrote your book. Now you have the option of using an eBook publisher or selling eBooks yourself.

When you use an eBook publisher you could lose rights to the book. Typically they should help you format and edit it for this exchange. You then receive a royalty or percentage for the sales that occur. There are publishers that will not make you sign over your rights. There are all different types of conditions for each publisher so make sure you pay attention to the details.

Making a website to market your eBook is probably the most profitable way for selling eBooks. However, this option takes more time and more technical knowledge. You need to be familiar with file hosting websites and software. You need to be savvy about payment systems and which one will work best for you.

If you don't want to make a website you can always sell your eBooks on eBay. Payments can be made with eBay eliminating the risk involved in your own website payments. They can also assist in helping you get the eBook to the customer.

The last option is to make an affiliate program for your eBook. This might not be the most profitable way of selling eBooks but you can get your eBook out to a larger audience by allowing others to sell your eBook for you for a commission. Pick the option best for you but get out there and do it. Remember it is what you wanted for years.

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