Ebook Secrets Unleashed - How to Get Into the Booming Ebook Business and Make Bundles of Cash

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When eBooks first came out, they were usually boring self help articles. But things have changed rapidly in the past couple of years. Now, eBooks have exciting formats and interesting content. You can find eBooks on all types of topics. Even as self help type manuals still rule the roost, short non-fiction stories are becoming more popular. In fact eBook business seems to be booming.

Amazon has long been in the eBook business. Now Amazon is facing having to share the market with another industry giant, Google. There are gadgets that you can hold in your hand and download your eBook and take them with just like a real book. Even publishers have joined the eBook business bandwagon.

Many traditional publishers have opened there doors to also offer services to those wanting to publish their manuscripts as eBooks versus traditional printed books. In addition to publishers there are software companies that sell templates and formats so that people can publish their own eBooks.

You can buy eBooks on auction sites and find tons of websites with eBooks for sale. So it is not just the industry giants that have joined in the eBook business. Some authors have offered their eBooks as affiliate programs so that anyone can sell their eBooks for them.

So it does not matter whether you think that eBooks are here to stay or not. It does not matter whether you think that they are convenient or not. It also does not matter whether you prefer them or not because the fact is that eBook business is booming.

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