Looking to Make 100's Or Even 1000's of Dollars in Your Sleep? Consider Ebook Publishing!

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Traditional brick and mortar book publishing has long created many barriers for entry. Many dreams of writing a book have been ripped to shreds by the unwillingness of a publisher to buy the manuscript. However, with the advent of the internet EBook publishing had opened many doors to many budding authors.

You can do eBook publishing yourself. It may not be easy and it will take some time but it can be done. You will need to ensure that you eBook is edited well. After the editing has been done you will need to choose a format for your eBook and exactly how you will get it to your customer.

Once that is said in done the good news is that you can keep all your rights to your eBook. You don't need to fork over your baby to a publisher who will do with it what they will to make it "marketable". By publishing it as an eBook you will keep not only your rights but will have ultimate say in whom it is marketed to and how it is marketed.

Another point for eBook publishing is that you will receive a larger percentage of the sales of the eBook than you would through traditional publishing. If you sell the book on your own website you will keep all the profits!

The temptation to just hand your book over to a traditional publisher is enticing. But you should really weigh all the advantages of eBook publishing and then decide what is best for you and your manuscript.

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