Article Marketing Re-loaded: Leveraging Social Media Marketing to Boost Your Article Marketing Succe

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Article marketing was once an easy and effective way to drive traffic to your website. With all of the upheaval with regard to Google's algorithm changes as evidenced by the various Panda and penguin updates it has become increasingly challenging. There was such a glut of keyword stuffed, spun and just poorly written content out there, Google decided to tighten up how websites were being ranked and how the quality, authority and relevance of a site's content impacted the amount of organic traffic they were sending to websites. But article marketers can leverage the power of social media marketing to boost their article marketing success. In today's post we are going to share some tips on how to accomplish this.

Good quality content has always been important, but now that sites are being penalized by not getting the level of traffic they had been when they host sub-standard content, article directories took a direct hit. If the article directories weren't getting as much traffic, then article marketers had to mix it up and find other places to post their content in order to get relevant backlinks and traffic.

One of the benefits of social media marketing is that you can gain more exposure for your business by engaging with your target audience, and you can build traffic to your website. While links from social media platforms are largely no-follow, people click on them and land on your site, which is vital because search engines don't sign up for your email newsletter or buy your products.

One of the changes that has emerged from all of the Google algorithm updates is the increased importance of quality, relevant, authoritative content. But social signals have also gained in importance as had the need to vary your traffic sources. Article marketing helps using social media marketing helps you to accomplish all of these objectives.

Facebook Fan/Business Page
The new timeline feature for Facebook Fan Pages has made engagement with your target audience so much easier. You can post a link to your latest articles as a status update to attract visitors from your fan page to your site.

Use the Networked Blogs app to gain more followers and network with other bloggers.

Use the Notes app to paste your articles directly to Facebook. Including a relevant image draws more attention to it and gets you more, 'Likes.'

LinkedIn Profile
Depending on your niche or topic area, LinkedIn can be a gold mine for eyeballs on your articles and traffic to your website.

Add a link your blog to your LinkedIn profile

Answer questions-- link to one of your own articles on the topic

Share your articles in the groups you belong to and are active in

Set up your blog to automatically tweet new posts, and tweet your archives at set intervals

Tweet links to your new articles

Tweet out the salient points of your article in 140 character chunks
Publish your articles in PDF and upload to Scribd with a link back to your blog

It's all about thinking up creative ways to get in front of your audience. Article marketing is still quite effective if you are willing to try something new.

Yes, article marketing can still be effective, but if you'd like even more tips on how to grow your online business, visit today.
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