Ebook Business Tips - Should You Be Afraid of Technology When it Comes to Ebooks?

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It used to be that an eBook was something that you read from a personal computer. There was no fancy font or graphics or borders. It was just a text scan of a public domain book.

Now it is technical battlefield in eBook land.

In the beginning when ebooks were a service, piracy was not an issue. When other ebooks that were not public domain began to be offered at a price, piracy started becoming a huge concern. Formats that were previously used had to be abandoned and replace formats that let you control who downloaded the eBook and how many times.

eBook became even more high tech when many different systems came into play. How you intended the eBook to look when you created it on your program may not be what you see when you read it with a different program. Because of this certain file formats that been developed specifically for ebooks.

Of course if you have software specifically developed for ebooks it would make sense that someone would develop a system for reading only ebooks. These eBook devices have become popular enough that a few companies have decided to make them. Each one of course uses their own software! So now you have to format your eBook file formats in order to reach the masses.

Are we done you ask...not really. Now you have to figure out how you are going to do file hosting if you know what that means. Don't forget how you are going to get paid since shopping carts and processing credit card payments aren't exactly low-tech processes either. Like I said...ebook business is high tech.

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