Ebook Marketing Tips - Introducing a Killer Strategy For Increasing Your Ebook Profits

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There are generally two ways in which people will attempt to produce a profit from their ebooks. They will either turn to an eBook publishing house to market their ebooks and to distribute them or they will attempt to carry out an eBook promotional strategy on their own and will become their own publisher. There are up sides and down sides to both of these methods.

If you are attempting to produce profits on your own with marketing, you will find that you will be unable to reach the same audience that a person could reach if they used a eBook publisher. However, you can consider an eBook marketing strategy that combines elements of both, an eBook marketing firm as well as self publication.

Many eBook authors are creating small alliances in which 10 or fewer eBook authors create their own publishing firm and only release and offer ebooks written by the authors involved in their group. These types of small firms allow all members to market one another's books in order to increase profits for one another. This form of eBook marketing is becoming more and more popular.

Additionally, the majority of these small groups will each keep the profits from their books and don't combine sales. This means that you will receive the full value of every book you sale and will not be required to share percentages with other people involved in the company. This form of eBook marketing is proving to be more financially beneficial to newer authors as well as more established eBook authors.

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