Ebook Profit Tips - 3 Killer Mistakes That Newcomers Make When Selling Ebooks

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When many eBook writers begin publishing their first few ebooks they will generally make some very detrimental mistakes. These mistakes will result in poor sales and will also result in an eBook author gaining a bad reputation for themselves. The three most common mistakes people make when selling ebooks are as follows:

Mistake #1: Many eBook writers will fail to edit their work before submitting it to an eBook publisher. Additionally, many eBook publishers do not edit the work they receive. They simply just put it up for sell on their website. When people purchase your book and discover that it is littered with spelling and grammar mistakes, they will most likely never purchase another eBook that you have written.

Mistake #2: Many eBook writers will attempt to sell their ebooks on their own. But in doing this you will never be able to achieve the total amount of sales that you could make if you used an eBook publisher. eBook publishers are able to properly market your eBook and are able to generate more sales than you would ever be able to do on your own.

Mistake #3: Many eBook writers believe that they will get rich over night! The fact of the matter is that you will not become rich over night selling ebooks. You must first make a positive reputation for yourself. You must then begin writing ebooks that people want to read. If you think you are going to become instantly rich then you will be very disappointed.

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