5 Important Reasons Why You Must Join As Many Other Email Marketers Lists As Possible

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5 Important Reasons Why You Must Join As Many Other Email Marketers Lists As Possible

If you are into list building then it may seem a weird idea that I am suggesting. But there are five important reasons why you should join as many other email marketers lists as possible. If you are building your own list, then there is much to gain by opting-in to other marketers email lists.

Get Ideas For Subject Lines

Studying the subject lines of emails from other marketers in your inbox is a great way to get ideas for subject lines that will improve your open rates. Build up a swipe file of subject lines and split test them with your own list to see which ones get the best open rates.

Get Ideas For Swipe Copy

Study the swipe copy of other marketers. Do they send long copy or short copy emails? Do they tell stories in their emails? Do they try to add value to their list regularly by providing great free content to their subscribers?

To See Their Business Model

You can see what offers are currently popular in your niche. You can also spy on other marketers sales funnels and get ideas for your own sales funnel. Are they using single opt-in or double opt-in? Are they collecting just emails, or emails and names? Do they send a lot of solo ads and ad swaps to their list. Or are they promoting affiliate offers or their own products?

To See How Often They Email Their Lists

Are they emailing their list once a week, once a day, twice daily or even five times a day. If it's working for them without burning out their list, then maybe you could try changing the frequency which you email your own list.

So You Can Reply To Them And Approach Them For Joint Ventures

You can hit the reply button after you have been on their list a while and build a relationship with them. Then after a while you can approach them for joint ventures.

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