Social Marketing Tips - 3 Campaign-Killing Mistakes That Many Social Marketers Make

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Too many companies and website are abusing the use of social marketing traffic gathering! In fact, there are so many companies misusing this type of marketing that more and more social media users are beginning to unsubscribe and ban all companies and organizations that they are following or are subscribed to on social networks. Therefore, it is vitally important that you avoid making the following social marketing traffic gathering mistakes found herein. If you even make one of these mistakes you could actually begin losing web-traffic!

Mistake #1: Don't add people or send out unsolicited messages to people who are or are not on your friends list. The moment that you begin using social networks in this manner is the moment that people begin reporting you as spam! This is one of the main reasons that social media users despise this type of marketing.

Mistake #2: In the same regard as Mistake #1, don't overuse your ability to contact people on social networks. For example, if you use Twitter, limit the amount of Tweets that you send out. If you are Tweeting non-stop on a regular basis, you will lose followers.

Mistake #3: Don't use advertising links on social networks! The moment you begin doing this your chances of being reported as spam increase 60% or more! Therefore, just tell your followers that you are running a special and place your link in your profile but not in your messages.

Avoid these social marketing traffic mistakes and you will improve your overall social network marketing program.

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