Is Empower Network A Scam? Or Can You Really Make $1000 A Day?

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If your new to Internet Marketing you may not know who or what Empower Network is. If you've been around for a while I'm sure you heard of them before.

Basically Empower Network is a MLM/Affilate Marketing mix. It's setup to get multi level commissions, but not like the old pyramid schemes everyone cringes over when they think about network marketing.

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Now I'm going to outline the good, the bad and the ugly of Empower Network in this article.

I first would like to say I love Empower Network, but it takes real work like any legit business model. If you're lazy and don't take your online business seriously this won't be for you.

If you're willing to put in work and want to build a real 6 figure business then I encourage you to read on.

Now I'm going to first outline why I like Empower Network

1. If your new or intermediate then you will learn a lot.

I'm a full time marketer and I love their products and I know when I send my list to Empower Network that if they apply it they will actually make money.

Unlike some of the products out there.

2. For $25 you get a blog that has authority and will rank.

Can you say that about your new domain name?

Empower Network is like number 400 most popular website globally and around 200 in the US. Thats powerful!!

They teach you in the training how to do proper keyword research so you can rank your blog posts and get leads on a daily basis from blogging.

Most people don't know how to do keyword research the right way and their blog has no authority so it will take a long time to rank.

If you blog daily and do proper keyword research you will start getting traffic pretty quick, but like I said most people mess up keyword research.

In the video training you will learn how to do it the right way.

3. Earn more money than traditional affiliate programs.

Most affiliate programs pay low. You may get 50-75% if your lucky. With Empower network you get $25 and $100 month recurring payments and $500 and $1000 one time payments and get 100% commission. This is multi tiered so that means all the people you get in can make you sales.

4. You get a blog, squeeze pages and a done for you sales funnel.

When you start out you need to learn how to setup a blog, build squeeze pages, sales pages and then learn how to convert leads into sales.

With Empower Network their sales funnel is the best I've ever seen. They do 90% of the selling for you.

The only thing you need to focus on is driving as many leads as possible to the squeeze page and use all of the materials provided for you.

You don't even need to know how to do follow up sequences or how to talk to your list. You can use David Woods proven emails to send to your list.

It doesn't get easier then that.

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What I Don't like about Empower Network

I know you thought I was just going to hype the program up without actually giving you the downsides.

1. Your building David Woods Business

By blogging on his platform which includes a thesis blog and seopressor($97 premium plugin) you are building his website stronger. The reason the site is so strong and ranks easy is because there are 50k people blogging on it.

However you can take advantage of this and build your own business so if you ever want to promote other products you can.

You can even use the authority of their blog to market affiliate products because you will be able to rank much easier on their blog over your own.

Once people are on your list you can guide them to your own blog, other affiliate offers and build rapport with them.

Once they trust you and you're helping them make money with Empower Network they will follow you wherever you go.

2. It takes work to make this business successful

Most people want the easy button. The thing is any business that will make you lots of money takes work. You put in the hard work in the start and later you can outsource all the hard stuff.

Then all you have to do is focus on the high leverage tasks in your business. Like getting leads and marketing offers to them.

3. You need a little money to make this work

No business model that I know of will make you real money without a little bit of an investment.

Most people pitch you need to "Go All IN". If you can go all in you will be able to make money a lot faster because once you start driving leads to the squeeze page and people buy the bigger products you get 100% commission if you already own them.

If not than the commission goes to your upline(sponsor).

However I tell people if they can only go in at the $25 level then do it. You can start making $25 commissions fairly quick with a little work and the first time you get an email telling you that you made a $100, $500 or $1000 commission, but since you don't own the product your sponsor gets the sale you will want to "GO ALL IN" pretty quick.

If you join under my team I'm going to work with you to make sure your successful because the more money you make the more money I make.

I'm going to teach you my traffic generation methods

How to build a relationship with your list

Full email and Skype access to me to help you every step of the way

and I will teach you how to start making money even if you only can get in at the $25 level.

To show you how much I believe in Empower Network i'm putting all of my efforts on building my Empower Network Team and my other business models come 2nd.

I make 6 figures in my outsourcing business

I make 6 figures in Internet Marketing

But Empower Network has more potential than both combined.

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