Ebook Tips - How to Increase Your Ebook Profits With Chapter Sales

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How would you like to increase your eBook profits? If you do, you should consider the ideas found herein. These ideas have been formulated by professional eBook publishers and have been proven effective to increase eBook profits. The problem is that most people figure that there is only one way to make money from selling ebooks and that is by selling complete editions of their work. However, the fact is, you can increase your eBook profits by breaking your whole tome up into individual sections which you can then sell in parts.

For example, consider that you have created an eBook about Internet Marketing. This eBook may be broken down into 10 chapters that cover various sub-topics such as: using social networks for Internet Marketing, how to hire a Internet Marketing firm, free ways to market you products, etc. You can now offer up this eBook for a single price and you can also sell these individual chapters. This is a great way to increase your overall profits.

Many eBook readers may only be looking to gain information about one topic that you are covering in regards to Internet Marketing. They do not want to waste their money purchasing content they are not interested in, in the first place. If you insist on using the all or nothing approach, they will most likely seek out an alternate source. You could be losing out simply by not offering up your ebooks in chapters for purchase.

There are countless eBook publishers who have increased their overall monthly profits by 10%, 20%, 30%, or more by putting this idea into action.

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