How To Drive Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

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Getting traffic to your squeeze page can be even more difficult than driving traffic to your regular site. The reason it's harder to do is because one page websites such as your squeeze page,sales page, capture page, etc ranks very low on Google. Therefore, if you don't generate traffic to your squeeze page manually, chances are, there won't be any visits to your squeeze page at all.

In this article I'll share few of methods that helped me get a significant amount of traffic to my squeeze page at the beginning of my internet marketing career

Article writing

One of the best ways that work personally for me up till this day is writing rich keyword articles and submitting them to article directories. Most article writing directories need an article to be at least 250 words, while I recommend the 350 minimum . The reason being, low word articles do not rank well on search engines.

Forum Marketing

Visiting forums of your niche is a great tool to drive traffic to your page. sell a lot of products in smaller niche markets, and many of these forums are great places to generate targeted email leads. However, forum marketing can also work with big niches such as dating, making money online, weight loss, etc. The secret with the forum marketing is to provide useful and valuable content to other forum users on a daily basis and not try to sell or offer your products within your posts. If the forum allows to put a signature at the bottom of your post, that's where you can put a link to your squeeze page. If you will keep providing valuable information to other users, you will be making sales on auto pilot in a relatively short period of time.

Classified ads

I've heard a lot of people saying that Classified ads are useless these days and they don't generate any traffic at all, which is absolutely ridiculous. Even though classified ads are not the main source of my traffic, I still do get a fair amount of traffic from them on the daily basis. Don't forget to be creative with your ads. For example, if you see someone else is promoting the same offer you're about to promote, analyze this person's ad and put a better ad yourself. Don't forget to put a nice imagine within every add you post, don't ignore that feature. Usually, ads with images within them get as much as twice more traffic then those that are without images.

Do you want to see how I do it?

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