How to Make Money on Kindle by Becoming a Bestseller

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In order to make money on Kindle you need to get sales and those sales won't come without some marketing. One of the great things about Kindle is that once you push your book into the best seller ranks with a little promotion it tends to be fairly sticky and stay there. People use the best seller ranks as a way to browse for books and so this can become a beneficial cycle. You are ranked in the best seller ranks so you sell books which in turn keeps you in those ranks.

But before you can take advantage of this beneficial cycle and get your book ranked in the top 100 books you need to give your book a push and that is where your marketing efforts come in. So how many book do you need to get onto the best seller rank?

It depends on your category. If you were trying to get into the top 100 for a very tough category like Romance then you are going to need to sell a lot of books. Here is some advice for getting on the best seller ranks.

Tip #1: Look at the Competition

Take a look at the book ranked #100 for the category you are trying to enter. This is your opponent and the one that you must beat to get into the top 100 for that category. To find out how many books you need to sell take a look at their best seller rank. If they are ranked 100,000 or more then you only need to sell about one book a day to beat them.

Tip #2: Drill Down the Categories

Getting into the main category for Advice & How To is going to be pretty difficult. Even getting into Self Help might be a challenge. But if we drill down even further in a category to Self Esteem we may have a category that we can beat.

Tip #3: Choose a Non Competitive Category for Visibility

If you are having trouble getting your book noticed it may help to have your book listed in a non competitive category. While there are going to be fewer buyers you will find it much easier to get some attention and some sales. Once you have gained visibility you can move to a different and more competitive category.

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