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One of the most common questions asked about Kindle is can you really make money publishing on Kindle? The answer is a definite yes, in fact you would have to choose a pretty bad topic in order to not make at least a few sales. There are so many buyers on Kindle that you can almost guarantee that you will make at least some money.

But of course most of us want to make more than a little money with kindle publishing, we would in fact like to make a lot. And yes this is possible as well. There are now numerous Kindle Publishers that are making more than $10,000 a month. Of course as with any area of business this is a small minority but the cost to join this group is free, it just takes time and effort.

So how can you can ensure that you are one of the few that makes money with kindle publishing.

Tip #1 Treat it as a Business

It is estimated that Americans spend approximately $25 billion a year on books outpacing many other forms of media. Book selling is a huge business and thanks to online publishing you can take part in it too. However you do need to treat it as a real business. This means being consistent in your efforts. While you can have success with one great book that sells well you are more likely to make money with Kindle if you are producing a steady stream of books.

Tip #2 Focus on Quality over Quantity

While you do want to produce a steady stream of books that does not mean you should sacrifice quality to do so. Good books will rise to the top and it is much easier to promote something that people actually want than to try and trick people into buying you book. Produce fewer books but make them better.

Tip #3 Promote

If you write it they will come should not be your slogan for your Kindle business. You need to promote the books that you are writing if you want to make sales. Amazon does have great ways of internally marketing your book behind the scenes but you need to help give their efforts a push. Concentrate as much energy on promoting your books as you do writing them.

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