How to Make Money with Kindle Books in 4 Easy Steps

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The secret to how to make money with kindle books lies in selecting the right subject and promotion. If you can combine these two elements you will find that making money with Kindle is not in fact all that difficult. Once you have a repeatable formula you can reapply it and consistently produce books that sell well.

Here are four steps to making money with kindle books:

Step One: Look at What is already Selling

You don't need to reinvent the wheel with Kindle. Look for what kind of books people are already buying and do your own version of it. One good idea is to take a look at the main Amazon paperback and hardcover book section. See if there exists a gap in the market where there is an expensive traditionally published book but no cheaper Kindle version. Don't forget to check the best seller rank first however and make sure that it is selling.

Step Two: Write or Outsource the Book

If you enjoy writing you may wish to write the kindle book yourself. This is one of the least risky ways to start your Kindle publishing empire because if the book doesn't sell you will have only lost your time. Many people enjoy writing as a hobby and if the subject of your book is something that you are interested in then it can actually be quite fun writing it. You can also outsource the writing for your book. A good source of quality writers at a cheap price are college students. Be careful to proof your work before publishing because kindle readers are notoriously picky about spelling and grammar.

Step Three: Cover, Title and Description

The cover, title and description are three of the most important components of your book. If you do not have any design experience it is recommended that you outsource the cover of your book. The title is also very important as this along with the cover is the only thing that readers will be able to see when they are searching unless they click on your book. Try to express the benefits of reading your book in a way that grabs the reader's attention in the title. The description is your chance to sell your book. Remember this is more than a simple summary of the book but also provides a reason why a reader might want to take a chance on your book. Ask yourself what are the main benefits readers will gain from my book?

Step Four: Get Reviews and Promote

Getting Reviews for your book is crucial to its success. Ask your friends and family or arrange review swaps but make sure that you get at least three before promoting. Once you have your reviews you can use a variety of external promotion methods to kick start your sales including Facebook fan pages, twitter, forum marketing, guest posting and paid advertising.

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