How To Make $1000 a Month Part-Time Without A Job Using The Internet In 60 Days

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By []Dwayne Phelps

Because of how volatile the offline world is today, with layoffs, downsizing and companies outsourcing all their labor to other countries. Families are looking to supplement their income with the internet.

What if you could learn how to make $1000 a month part-time, without another job and using the internet in the next 60 days?

If that sounds crazy, let those thoughts go.

Thousands of people do it every month, using the internet. And none of them are better than you, they just took action for a longer period of time.
Before I go into how to make money online in the next 60 days, I want to give you some very useful advice.

The internet is a place of pure un-edited, user created information. The more you go through it, the longer it will take you to learn how to make money with it.

Here is what I mean...

When you get online, everybody will try to get you to see their video's, read their articles, try their products or subscribe to their newsletter.
Most of them will be very attractive, but listening to a lot of these messages will only get your overwhelmed and broke.

This is the #1 reason why very few people ever make any money online, and only end up jumping from business to business.

Don't be that person, pick a business model and stick with it.
Now that we got that out of the way, lets get into how to make $1000 a month part-time without a job, using the internet.

First step, choose a business model and research it.
There are many forms of business models online that are proven to produce $1000 a month and more.

Here is a small list you can start researching today:
- Affiliate marketing

- Direct Sales
- Network Marketing
- AdSense Websites
- CPA marketing
- Amazon Ebooks
- Blogging
- eBay
- Local Internet Marketing
- Small Business Consulting

The quickest way to make money online, are the models that do better with higher priced products. Think about it, how many $30 products do you need to sell to make $1000 as compared to $500 products.

Second step, learn how to market.

In the world of entrepreneurship, you have to learn how to move people into a desired outcome. In other words... Buy what you have to sell.
Here are 3 essential books to read in order to learn the basics of marketing:

- Bob Bly's Copywriters Handbook
- Dan Kennedy's Ultimate Sales Letter
- Claude Hopkins Scientific Advertising

By reading these you will learn how to write persuasively, and get people to give you money for the stuff you sell.

Third, learn internet marketing.

Building websites, setting up your email marketing and driving traffic. These are all main components of making money on the internet, and cannot be avoided.

These components alone, are big enough to fill many books. In my opinion the easiest way to learn them, is by going to the forums and posting questions.

You'll get everybody from newbies to pro's answering your biggest concerns, challenges or problems.

The top internet marketing forums are:

- **********.com

By spending a few weeks here asking questions, you will be way more ahead as compared to the person who spends thousands on ebooks and courses.

Lastly, seek others who are where you want to be.
Here is the biggest insight you will ever receive when it comes to making an income online...

Find someone who has what you want and just do what they did to get it. And eventually you'll have what they got.

Getting to $1000 a month part-time is no more complicated than that.
Now, you might have to put in your time and get a little frustrated. But the roadmap is already there for you for you.

It's in the people who have accomplished what you want.

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