Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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Throughout this series, we have been discussing guerrilla marketing strategies that would bring in the best return on investment for your business. We've covered a brief definition of guerrilla marketing, some examples of how guerrilla marketing can work on a small scale, and broadened our horizons to show how guerrilla marketing can be used to help your community while at the same time increasing your revenue. In this, the fifth and final part of our series, we will discuss the two most valuable guerrilla marketing tools that you possess.

In order to use guerrilla marketing efficiently, you need the ability to discern between good strategies and bad strategies. In order to make this decision, common sense will be the ultimate tool that you rely upon. At no point should you get so creative with your guerrilla marketing strategy that the marketing campaign affects your bottom line in a negative way. If your campaign calls for you spending the majority of your work day doing anything other than working, it is a failed campaign. At that point, you will be better off looking for a more traditional solution to your marketing problems. While guerrilla marketing can be a wonderfully effective technique, it should never be allowed to become a distraction from your primary goal of generating an income.

The one thing that every business in modern times should have is a website. Even if your business is run completely off-line, a website is invaluable when it comes to generating customer flow. It is much easier in today's world of cell phones and high-speed data to expect someone to remember your website address than to remember a phone number. Think of your website as your address in the virtual world, but also think of it as a digital billboard. Your company website can be a fantastic place to post coupons, discounts, and customer promotions, as well as a place where your customers can easily go to find your hours of operation and contact information.

According to Google, more than 90% of the population searches for new contractors and business partners online, while 58% of U.S. small businesses don't have a website. By not showing your presence in the digital world, you are effectively removing half of your customer base before you even get started. Don't cripple your business by being the only one of your competitors that doesn't have an online website. If none of your competition has a website yet, rest assured, they will be getting one in the near future. Stay ahead of the curve in order to stay successful.

There you have it. The two most valuable tools you will need to use guerrilla marketing to turn your small business or start-up into a success; common sense and a website. We hope you've enjoyed this series of articles, but even more we hope that you have found useful information on how a little bit of creativity can go a long way toward increasing the profit margin of your small business.

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