Social Bookmarking With RSS Feeds - A Beginner's Guide

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Creating unique and original content everyday can be difficult, and not to mention expensive. But if you want daily content for free, it is very simple to get. All you need is a simple RSS feed combined with the proper bookmarking tools, and you can easily get the latest news and developments of your particular niche, directly to your website.

For example, if your website deals with video game, you might decide to make an RSS news section on your website that gathers relevant resources from, photos from Flickr, and blog posts from Technorati.

Similarly, if you have many people employed to work on your website posting articles, blogs, and news, it may be a good idea to set up an RSS Feed that can keep all your workers up to date on the latest site news. You can easily send out jobs that need to be done, new payment methods, or additional work or maintenance.

Another great tool is Bloglines, which is an online tool that allows you to share your RSS Feeds with other people. Bloglines can keep track of multiple RSS feeds from Google or Yahoo news on certain keywords, in combination with, you can get feeds for resources related to your niche. And it is good to remember that you can narrow your searches on by typing in keywords such as PS3+Games.

By combining the two great Web 2.0 technologies of RSS feeds and Social Bookmarking, you can create a powerful tool to get the latest news directly on your website.

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