4 Elements of a Strategic, Social Marketing Cash Rich Funnel

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Marketing equals profit. By utilizing social marketing methods, one can boost the effectiveness and activities of their business - they can make a difference. Social marketing uses the same techniques as commercial marketing, but the purpose of its existence is what differentiates them. Social marketing is looking for a behavior change.

Here are some elements of social marketing to better understand its objective:

1. Product

Generally, social marketers are promoting a particular behavior. Like, eat more fiber, exercise, conserve water, get a colonoscopy and save the whales. To market this issue, promote the product based on the target market's core values. Show them how this can help them become the person that they want to be.

2. Price

The more important considerations are the emotional and social costs. These include performing the behavior, embarrassment, time, deprivation, fear or social disapproval. Figure out how to decrease the price and make it easier and more stress-free to perform the required behavior.

3. Place

Suggest a place where they can do their change in lifestyle easily. The more convenient, the more likely the audience will buy them. You can create tie-ups with other companies. Provide opportunities where they can learn about the product and the advantages of the behavior.

4. Promotion

Social marketers should be creative in thinking of ways in promoting their products to hard-to-reach populations. Remember, these audiences are not interested to change in any way - you must get them interested.

Use these social marketing tips to go beyond business. Make a serious impact.

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