Social Marketing - 3 Secrets For Getting Twitter Traffic!

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It's only until recently that marketers all over the world started appreciating the traffic generating influence of this micro-logging/social networking tool we all know as Twitter. This is a great tool to generate traffic on your page, but there are specific rules and etiquettes practiced here and other social networking sites including:

1. Do Not Just Sell!

You can pitch something on Twitter but do not do it heavily. You can do it once in a while and provide a little link on the side directly to your sales page. You do want to pitch products here to your contacts and friends, because it's not in line with the etiquette of social networking sites like Twitter. In their language, this is considered rude.

2. Aim for Syndication

This is one of the pluses of Twitter - you can ask people to vote for your content and syndicate your content for you. You can lure people in checking out your blog posts. In time, people will link back to your site if they find your content good.

3. Build Relationships

Build online business relationships using networks like Twitter. This is a great tool to use for informal business as you can easily post some pictures and a 2 or 3 liner note that describes your business and you are ready to go. Many people have formed joint venture relationships by using Twitter.

In conclusion, Twitter traffic can increase when used properly. Remember that Twitter is a social networking site and not a business site. Keep it simple and relax - traffic and business will come to you.

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