Social Marketing Tips - Unleash a Flood of Web Visitors Through Twitter Traffic

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Remember that all blogs that you post can be read and interpreted by other bloggers and readers. When in the Twitter world, bear in mind that you are not alone. Learn to live in harmony with other 'tweeters'. Here are tips to remember to help you do this:

1. Hold Your Temper

Blogging is an outlet; but one must also remember that you can potentially affect your reputation, profile and brand. Do not blog something that is written in a drunken moment or out of anger. Sleep on it. When your head is clear and you still want to publish it, then go ahead.

2. Monitor your Reply Ratio

Replies take Twitter to a more conversational and personal level. This is also a good way of attracting attention and increasing your Twitter traffic. The more replies you get, the more chances of people seeing your post, joining your forum, and following your blog.

Reply to questions that you can answer. Ignore or delete comments that are degrading and insulting, do not lash out in your blog. Encourage conversation and interaction among your Twitter friends.

3. Learn to Use Direct Messages

Remember that not all your readers understand the flow of conversation between you and a certain reader. If it gets too conversational, use direct messages - unless you think that the conversation has something of value to your wider following community.

To thrive on Twitter, one should know how to give and receive. Do not be self-centered and think only of yourself. Be active in your blogging but do not forget your readers - no man is a Twitter.

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