Pay Per Click Advertising Tips - 4 Powerful Tips to Increase Your ROI With PPC Advertising

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PPC (pay per click) campaign can offer a powerful way to reach a selected audience at low cost compared to any traditional media advertising methods. Major PPC sources include Yahoo, MSN and Google. There are smaller PPC providers where you may get cheaper clicks but it's doubtful if these are worth using.

It is best to use popular sites as they can bring in the most quality traffic. AdWords by Google is probably the best as many successful businesses prefer this service to improve profit and page traffic.

Here are some PPC campaign tips:

1. Keywords are vital. This will have a big impact on the success of your campaign and the traffic you receive. Always select targeted keywords to ensure the relevance of your ads. Try to grab keywords from the landing pages and ad copy as this will ensure relevancy and the highest quality score.

2. High CTRs (click through rates). A high initial CTR can be attained by paying high initially to get the top position in the result page. Slowly reduce your bids while maintaining good CTR and position.

3. Setup smaller ad groups. More targeted ad groups may be better than having a large keyword list. You can still target with many keywords but break them up into separate and smaller ad groups to maximize relevancy which will help you decrease expenses per click.

4. Use conversion tracking. You may be surprised by some keywords that convert into sales better than others. Increase your bids specifically on those performing keywords to increase sales and ROI.

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