The Haunted House Of Making Money Online

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Halloween is almost around the corner. I just drove near a house that pretty much looked like
a haunted house that you see in movies. I was looking from the outside by the way.
It was just decorations but it looks scary.

Bats, scary witches, spider webs, a few caskets with dead vampires....
You get the picture. If you were to take a small child (2-4 years old) there, they would be scared
to go there and ask for trick or treat candies. I think even an adult would be scared to go

When it comes to making money online, it can be very scary for anyone who wants to
make some money. With so many opportunities out there to chose from,
people may feel the same fear as a child going to that haunted house.

They don't know if they are making the right choice. They are not sure if it will work for them too.
Fear of getting ripped off just overwhelms them that they just decide to play it safe
and not join anything let alone take any actions that will move them forward to
their income desire online.

I have been online for a few years now and can tell you
that there are now MILLIONS of opportunities online.
Many just don't work. Many are them scam people out of their hard earned
money. But very few work.

For those opportunities that DO work, the main reason why
so many people don't join or take any action is again FEAR.

They are scared of what others will think of them.
They are scared of losing their money.
They are scared of success.
They are scared that it may not work.

The list of fears goes on and on.

This paralyzes many people. Just like a small child would be terrified by
a haunted house and will not go near it, many adults will not take action
or join anything on the internet solely because of real and huge fear.
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