Article Marketing Secrets - 3 Tips to Create a Surge of Profits From Article Promotion

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Article marketing has been a popular marketing tool for many years now. This is the equivalent of newspaper and magazine writing in the past. Though, both media still exist, one cannot deny that the internet has taken over the media world by storm. For an article marketing to be a success, it must generate amazing traffic numbers and a large number of followers.

Here are tips on how to make your article marketing a success:

1. Generate traffic directly to your own page. We have heard that success comes in a list. Stop directing traffic to product websites and sales letters. You might generate a sale, but it is just one sale - you would rather build a mailing list for multiple sales. Encourage traffic to leave general information like name and email address by offering freebies in exchange. This enables you to expand a list of prospects waiting for your future marketing efforts.

2. It's all about quantity vs quality. An article marketer must first generate a number of relevant articles before they can expect to see results. Do not stop writing. Keep writing articles on a regular basis. In time, when you have earned the trust of your readers, they will see you as a credible source and will regard you as an expert. But this status is not achieved overnight. Your articles should be updated and well-written - the quality should never be compromised.

3. Titles are probably the most crucial part of every article. Create titles that are catchy and interesting. A well-worded title will draw readers in to read your article. Also, remember to optimise your titles with the right keywords to get good search engine placements.

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