Solo Ad Tips - 3 Strategies for Making Your Solo Ads Super Profitable

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Solo ads are one of the most effective paid traffic methods for building your list but unless you are using specific marketing strategies when using solo ads you will end up losing a lot of money and your campaigns will not be very profitable

Below are 3 strategies to consider when using solo ads to build an email list.

Always use a One Time Offer

If you are using solo ads or using any other paid traffic method for that matter then it is very wise to be using a one time offer in your sales funnel otherwise you will find it much more difficult to create profitable campaigns when building your email list.

You simply use a single opt in and then when ever you get a new subscriber they will automatically be redirected straight to your paid product which should always be highly relevant or related to your free offer otherwise your conversions are going to be much lower.

Include an Upsell into Your Sales Funnel

Including an upsell into your sales funnel basically means you offer the person that bought your first product a higher priced product. For instance if your first product was $5 your 2nd product could be $17 or even $47.

When including upsells into your funnels you can make your campaigns super profitable. You can of course add more products into your funnels for when someone purchases your upsell too but initially you should just focus on perfecting the 2 stage process when using a one time offer and an upsell.

Use a Low Priced One Time Offer

When using one time offers you should be using a very low price point. Your one time offer should be between $5 - $17. The one time offer is also known as your "low ticket product".

Your main concern at these early stages are only to find out who has the ability to pay so that you can build a list of buyers and also recoup as much of your advertisement costs back as you can as fast as you can.

Your big profits usually only come from your upsells and products that you sell further into your sales funnels.

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