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You are quite excited in getting people in the loop about the latest in your business. You have decided to try email marketing for this purpose. Aside from being cost efficient, you also believe that the internet is quite powerful, especially at these times when most people have access to such.

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To make the project successful, you must first gather tips on how to build your list.

In order to grow its size, you have to convince people to give you their email addresses. First, you have to ask for this information at the point of sale. It will be easier to get it from them if you will promise something that may sound exciting on their part as clients or returning ones. You can tell them that they will be notified when there are promotions and that they will be given discounts for being part of your list.

Whatever promises you have said to people in gathering their email addresses, make sure that you can keep up to these and deliver as planned. It is hard to gain people's trust and it will be harder to get it back once you have lost it.

You have to ensure that the ones on your list will never opt to unsubscribe, which would mean that they have lost interest with your promotions.

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