Product Launching Secrets - 4 Killer Tips for Making an Avalanche of Sales

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Launching your own product can very intimidating and quite scary but the more you do it the more you get used to the process and eventually things will become a second nature.

If you want to stand the best chance of making as many sales as you can on your product launch certain rules to follow.

Below are 3 powerful tips which will help you to make more sales when launching your product.

Build a Pre-Launch List

This has to be the easiest and the most effective strategy you can ever do when launching your own product. If you`re not doing this then you`re leaving a massive amount of money on the table.

To put things in perspective a normal product sales page will convert from about 2% to around 20% at the initial stages of your product launch but the average is around 10% with targeted traffic.

Recently I had a pre-launch list of just under 100 and from that list I made around 50 sales. That is an almost 50% conversion which is un heard of. This is the power of pre-launch lists.

With a pre-launch list you don`t need to sell at all because the people on the list are already signed up to be notified when it goes live, all you simply have to do is write a basic email with the links and you will see sales.

Offer 100% Commission

The key to making more sales when you launch your product is to give affiliates more of an incentive when promoting your product. You need to look at things from an affiliates perspective and make it worth their time.

If you give 100% commission you will get more affiliates promote your product which means sending you more buyers.

If you have a one time offer then you can still make plenty of money by giving 50% commission, which means you make half or every one time offer sale you make. This is a win win situation for you so start using it.

Create a JV Page

If you are serious about getting JV`s on board then you need some type of JV page where people can get a review copy of your product, take a look at your sales page, find out the commission structure, how much your product will be and any other information which JV`s partners need to know before thinking about promoting your product.

High EPC

This is often overlooked but something you need to pay attention to. Your EPC is how much each targeted visitor is worth when sent to your sales page. If you have a very low EPC no serious affiliate will want to send you their traffic. If the EPC is good then it means they will earn a lot more out of the promotion.

A good bench mark is to aim for $1 EPC. This means if someone sends 200 people to your sales page they will make around $200 just from your front end product. If you have a one time offer then they will also make a lot more from that too.

Bottom line is you must focus on getting your EPC as high as you can. You do this by using better copy and graphics on your sales page.

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