Article Marketing Tips - 3 Power House Ways For Making Your Article Marketing Super Profitable

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Article marketing has been around for many years and many people have built 6 figure businesses from just article marketing.

There are however many different ways to use article marketing to create an income and below are 3 power tips to help you get more out of your article marketing efforts.

Send all Traffic to a Squeeze Page

This is easily the most important part of your overall article marketing efforts. If you`re not sending all your traffic to a squeeze page then you`re losing a massive amount of subscribers and wasting your efforts.

Even if someone does not purchase something straight away it doesn`t matter, the key is to get them into your marketing funnel so that you can build a relationship with them.

When using articles to build a list the quality of the traffic is very good so if you`re building a list then you have a very good chance of converting many of your prospects into customers.

Be Consistent

Another key to getting good results with article marketing is to be consistent. It`s no good you submitting a few articles per week because it will take you a very long time to see any decent results. You need to be publishing articles on a daily basis, especially for the first few months.

A good number to aim for is 3 - 7 articles per day. A lot of it depends on how fast you write but a good base line to work to is 3 to 7 per day. If you were to submit 5 per day then that is 150 articles each month.

Use Numbers and Power Words in Your Titles

One of the most important parts of your article marketing strategy is the titles of your articles. Your titles are like PPC ads where you need to make them interesting, appealing and enticing because no one will want to click to read an article that sounds boring.

By using power words and numbers in your article titles will improve the open rates of your articles which means more people being able to click on your link within the article.

Once you have a fair few articles out there, having good article titles could be the difference between generating 50 people to your website per day and 500 people to your website per day.

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