3 Proven Methods for Making $50 - $100 Per Day Online

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When trying to learn how to create an income online there are literally dozens of ways how to do it but there are only a certain number of methods which are actually effective and which you have the ability to scale things up to make $50 - $100 per day.

Below are 3 proven methods for making $50 - $100 per day.

Youtube Cash Method

This method is very simple but very effective and profitable. You simply sign up to clickbank, choose some clickbank products and promote them on youtube by using videos.

You need to be targeting "review" type keywords which means your traffic will be lazer targeted and your conversions will be very high too. You can basically go into any niche and promote any product because selling affiliate products on youtube means you can create videos very easily and quickly.

To get your videos ranked you can go to fiverr and use a number of different back linking gigs. You never have to worry about building back links to youtube videos because youtube videos naturally get millions of links pointed to them on a daily basis anyway.

ClickBank Sniper Method

This is another cool method and the way it works is you only choose very popular clickbank products then you target the product name keyword but adding the word "buy" before the product name. If it`s a popular clickbank product then there is always a demand for the product keyword with the word "buy" before it.

You can again use youtube videos or web 2.0 properties to get your content ranked within the search engines to get traffic to your offers and make sales.

Article Cash Method

This a very effective method for driving a steady amount of free traffic to any type of offer that you want. All you do is simply hit things in volume and publish at least 5 articles per day. After a few weeks you will start to see a nice steady stream of traffic being sent to your affiliate offers and the sales will start to come in.

For best results though you should be sending your traffic to a squeeze page instead. This way you are making the most of your hard work and traffic and building your own email list.

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