Solo Ad Tips - 3 Strategies For Making More Money from Your Ads

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If you`re trying to build your email list fast then solo ads are one of the most effective paid traffic methods for doing just that but before you dive into using them there are certain things that you need to know otherwise you could end up wasting a lot of money.

Below are 3 tips for making more money from your solo ads.

Write your own swipe email

This is something which took me a very long time to figure out and after spending a lot of money testing I finally realised how I could easily improve the effectiveness of my solo ad campaigns.

When you buy a solo ad you need to send the solo seller your own swipe email for the solo ad and get them to use it for the ad. Many solo sellers use their own email swipe which is very generic meaning that the traffic that click onto your squeeze page will not always be very targeted to your free offer.

Using your own swipe you can condition the traffic much more effectively so that you will only get clicks that are very targeted in your free offer.

If you rely on the solo seller writing your swipe emails for you, you will end up losing a lot of your unique clicks on "general Internet Marketing traffic" that will not be very targeted to your particular free offer.

Research the solo seller

There are excellent solo ad providers out there but also terrible ones so do your research if you have any doubt. Spending a bit of time researching a solo seller before you buy could end up saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

A quick search on google and you can find reviews of previous customers. If they have no testimonials then be very cautious but sometimes it is because they are a new solo seller. Bottom line is do not buy the ad if you have any doubt.

Do not use solo ads that get passed around for Free on forums

There are many of the same solo ads that get passed around forums day in day out and personally I would never ever touch any of these type of solo ads because the chances are they have been hammered to hell.

The best way to find proven solo ads that send buyers and quality traffic is to do the testing yourself and make a note of the ones that perform and the ones that don`t.

Some of the best types of solo ads that I have purchased have been ones that no one talks about and are not shared on forums.

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